Kukje Machinery Co., Ltd.

Kukje Machinery Co., Ltd. attends “National Farm Machinery Show – USA”, one of the top 5 agricultural machinery exhibitions worldwide and the biggest show in USA and over 500 companies participate in, from February 11th to 14th.
Branson Tractors LLC, US branch of Kukje Machinery and located In Georgia, exhibits tractors with various ranges from 20hp up to 70hp.
Especially Branson K tractors with 74hp, newly launched in 2015, catch public attention like as GaLaBau 2014 in Germany.
With these new line-ups, Kukje Machinery increases sales volumes over 3,300 tractor units to US market.
Particularly diesel engines for tractors are TIER 4 FINAL certificated and achieve CARB certificate allows tractor sales in California regions, therefore Kukje Machinery is going to expand their sales to California region with tractors up to 74hp.