Agricultural supply, KUKJE MACHINERY has been very popular overseas.
17 April 2012
Kukje has the state of the art technology and is trying to be the best company not only to concentrate on R&D but also to produce quality goods based on advanced technology for customer satisfaction.
Kukje is manufacturing green diesel engines for the purpose of agriculture, marine, industrial, generator and Gas engine(Co-Gen) with well-deserved recognition for LG air-conditioning system in the world market.
Kukje is exporting all agricultural machineries to over 20 countries such as America, Japan and china. The international market gives us immense possibility for agricultural machinery business under the atmosphere that the importance of food is expanded.
Kukje found a branch office, Branson Tractor, in America. It has good reputation and is a cornerstone to be a global company.

Kukje has over 100 researchers who have strong knowledge and wide experience in the field of R&D and advanced technology. They are always trying to create best quality goods.
Kukje has precision instruments such as CMM and acquired ISO9001 in order to produce defects free goods.
Kukje has a modern in-service training institute with dormitory, lecture rooms, rest room, and gym. The institute provides all trainees with self improvement.