Branson made contracts for tractor supply amounts over 8.7 million USD with Germany

17 November 2015

Branson Tractors participated in AGRITECHNICA Germany from November 8th to 14th, 2015. 

AGRITECHNICA is one of the world’s largest exhibitions of agricultural machinery, in which over 1,500 agricultural machinery enterprises from over 50 countries in the world participate. Branson show cased compact & garden tractors with the range of 21hp to 50 hp and opened a café-concept booth in front of the exhibition hall and provided beverage to visitors. Branson made contracts for tractor supply which amounts over 8.7 million USD with Germany and had business negotiations with numerous dealers from Czech Republic, Russia, Portugal, France, Spain, UK, Poland, etc. 

WEBER GERATE GMBH – an authorized importer for the German market, in particular, makes annual sales volumes up to 500~600 units and No. 1 sales in Germany among Korean tractor manufacturers. Moreover, Weber becomes a key importer in Europe by rating No.4 in the tractor market below 50hp among 30 major agricultural machinery companies. 

Branson Tractors steadily grows in Europe every year from 6 million USD sales in 2012 to over 10 million USD sales and will make over 8 million USD sales for 2016 in Germany itself.